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In Najaf in Najaf the opening ceremony for project “conversation” that was sponsored by the British council and the European union. Moja helped in the opening preparations and the setting up of the celebration Bazar.


The ceremony started with a word from the head of the British council Victoria Lindsey and the European union representative Tomas Ortega.


Sayed Saleh Al-Hakim head of Kyam forum had a word with the audience and he emphasized the importance of coexistence and conversation with the different components of the modern Iraqi society.


A friendly spar with poetry was held between Raied Abu-Fityan and Hassuni Al-Talakany.


Music was as prevalent as poetry with the presence of the Kurdish band Mashkat and the great Najafian musician Ali Al-Khafaf.



Ali Uhaed the standup comedian took the stage with his political comedy that entertained the crowd.


A word from the head of Moja sir Maytham Al-KhalKhaly.



Some pictures form the Bazar.


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