Hi, We’re MOJA!

We build bridges, not barriers.


We want to achieve a civil, free and democratic society.

Our goal is to develop our community and encourage and educate the youth through events, and lectures.

See What The International Press Say About Us

Grassroots groups like Moja brought new hopeful, creative and inclusive ways of being Iraqi in a country traumatised by decades of authoritarianism, imperialist military occupation, sectarian war and the fragmentation of its territory.

Zahraa AliAuthor at OpenDemocracy

"Café Moja is a small liberal island in the conservative Shiite pilgrimage town, in which almost everything else revolves around religion, in which there is hardly a woman who is not covered in black from head to toe."

Monika BolligerEditor at Republik

"Moja carried out a project called: “From Najaf, a message to Mosel.” Over a three-day period, about 1,000 handwritten letters were gathered from ordinary people in Najaf,
they told the people not to lose hope"

Cathy BreenAuthor at Countercurrents.org

Moja’s activities include “Christmas in Najaf,” a festival-like event in which Christmas trees are displayed in the main street of the city, a project Mekki said was initiated to make displaced Christian families from Mosul who settled in Najaf feel at home.

Doreen Abi RaadAuthor at Abouna.org

What Do We Do?

Connecting Iraq with the Global Community

We work in partnerships with international organizations that act in Iraq. We also help the Iraqi youth to engage with other communities.

Raising Public Awareness

We speak about subjects that matter to the community, focusing on things people need to hear rather than things they want to hear.

Political Engagement

We observe officials acts and behaviours, increase popular oversight, support youth engagement in politics and push toward a better civil state.

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