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Moja hosted at its center a group of students interested in higher education affairs in Iraq, and the question was “Do we have real education in universities?” The attendance included university professors and faculty deans, and the session turned into a debate between students and their professors.


The speakers were Haider Sumaisem, who holds a master’s degree in law and linguistics from Virginia International University and George Mason, who holds a master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Kufa, the specialist pharmacist Sanad Muayad Al-Fadl Wu, a student at the College of Medicine, University of Kufa, Zahra Alaeddin, in addition to the participation of Ali Hussein Dhiab Consultant of the Dental Students Association in Iraq


The dialogue dealt with some of the problems of higher education in Iraq, the most important of which is the relationship between the student and the professor about the permanent tensions between them and about university laws, their flexibility and effectiveness in improving education.



Live broadcast of the session


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