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Moja hosted the deputy chief of the Kurdish Change Bloc, Sarwa Abdel Wahed, to talk about “Arab-Kurdish Relations”

Sarwa Abdel Wahed, in addition to being a member of parliament, is a well-known media personality and is the correspondent for Al-Hurra TV in the Kurdistan region

She was known for her anti-referendum positions and her strong opposition to the politics of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and she is the sister of the Kurdish businessman and politician Shaswar Abdul Wahed.


The representative spoke about what happened in the Kurdistan region and about the issue of the referendum and that it was a tool for exploiting the dreams and aspirations of the Kurdish people.

Abdul Wahid did not hide the fact that she is Kurdish and dreams of an independent homeland and believes in the principle of self-determination, but not in this opportunistic way.



Recording the live broadcast of the session on the Moja page

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