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A debate was held at the Moja Center on the concept of human development on August 3, 2016 between the trainer Muhammad Jassim Muhammad, an international trainer in human development, and Al-Mujtaba Al-Waeli, a researcher and blogger interested in real science as in the science of numbers and equations.

The debate revolved around whether human development is a real science or not, and its effectiveness in changing human behavior and capabilities.

Al-Mujtaba did not expect that his opponent, Muhammad, would begin the debate by abandoning the scientific basis on which human development is based, describing it as a set of arts and personal skills and not considered a real science, which is what Al-Mujtaba used to write in many articles that consider human development to be nothing but A pseudoscience based on the principle of ” exceptionalism” and provides only a set of illusions taken from following the progress of successful people and presenting them as an easily reachable state.



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