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Before any gathering emerges on the arenas, it is expected that questions will be asked about the the reason for its appearance, who might be behind it, what are his ideals and morality. The questioner often demands a longer and more accurate definition than the general definition, and the Moja team has always been asked for these details. Therefore, we decided to write to you a lengthy definition that will be accompanied by a manifesto that defines Moja completely.

We start with the reason for the issuance of the first definition that everyone reads, which is that this team is a voluntary team run by a group of young people who dream of a promising future for them, despite the fact that ruin is at the doors of tomorrow, which threatens them and their futures, a group of individuals who believe in change, and dream of a society that rises to the challenges of tomorrow and are interested in spreading the culture of tolerance and acceptance of the different groups and religions in Iraq, and also the consolidation of human values.


The Moja team works on awareness and charitable projects of a nature that establish the principles of tolerance and love between religious and national differences within the same country, and has several projects in this regard that received wide resonance and transmitted by hundreds of Iraqi and Arab agencies, and the most important of which was the longest message of peace in the world from the University of Kufa to the University of Anbar Before the beginning of the war and in critical times, the team’s pages and websites were attacked and vandalized by a group of extremists who rejected the message of peace with which most of the students of the University of Kufa interacted despite the threats. Of course, the Christians, whose numbers reached thousands after it was a large component in the previous centuries, where a Moja team organized inside the Shiite Islamic city of Najaf a simple celebration for Christmas in response to the stopping of their annual celebrations that coincided with the grief of the Shiites on Ashura and the forty days of Hussein The team is a tree in the middle of one of the lively streets inside the city and began spreading its leaflets that reminds us of our brothers from the Christian faith, the idea was meet with praise, conveying a wonderful image of modernity within the city of Najaf and a beautiful image of tolerance between religions..


And for the volunteers teams and their projects that left a good impact on the class targeted by the team, especially the children for whom the team dreams of a peaceful society, after the team set up a vigil in which they were smashed under the road of thousands of children’s weapons that promote violence among these children, and the organization of Eid festivals for deprived children of the displaced For children of thalassemia for orphaned children, with buying gifts for them and spending a whole day with them trying to remind this world that there are those who do not practice the habits of joy and that they are on their way to being a loophole in the future if no one takes care of them and pays them enough attention..


The team dreams of entering the social arena as a major reform movement, cumulative, not radical, without constants or personalities, after the great openness that characterized Iraq after 2003 and the ease of obtaining sources and books that evaluate social movements, not to be a whim that ends with the suspension of one of the important members of the team, calling on the team to leave its mark amid The amount of devastation in reality, the positive imprint in which there is no destruction, hatred or poverty.


Moja is run by a highly democratic system, all projects and all decisions are made by mutual consent, and managed internally by an elected board of directors and several externally elected departments


As for funding, it may be difficult for the one who sees the team’s work to be self-financed, but unfortunately we have always tried to communicate the idea, that self-financing is not that bad, and that most of the financiers manage their projects with a small portion of what they finance, in our personal experience, it seems Volunteer teams and civil society organizations do not need millionaire support, nor a governor to stand behind and support them. Yes, we maintain a working relationship to facilitate the completion of our projects with the responsible authorities within our governorates, but we do not receive any financial support, and the team’s friends can mention that we were refusing to receive the money when we organized a campaign to donate clothes to the poor from the governorates that differ with the donors religiously and ideologically in the Million Pieces of Clothes Project.


The longest message of peace in the world prepared by a Moja team from the University of Kufa to the University of Anbar

The longest message of peace in the world prepared by a Moja team from the University of Kufa to the University of Anbar


The Tree of Peace project celebrating with Christ on their birthdays from the city of Najaf


International Day of Peace and destroying children’s weapons that develop their desire for violence


A photo of a Moja team in Mosul while preparing a million clothes and preparing them to send them to Najaf


A mixture of Eid photos with the displaced after the occupation of Mosul


I am Iraqi, I read. Najaf


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