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Our simple dreams were the result of a spontaneous conversation with a group of young people from different Iraqi provinces. We noticed that our dreams were simple and similar as the rest of the Iraqi youth, with different religious, sectarian and national backgrounds. So a Facebook page was created, The page was a way to remind young people of the similarities among them and that they are in fact different sides of the same coin. So we made a proposal through the page to send your dream, no matter how simple you think it is and hope to achieve it, and it was met with great success and a large turnout from young men and women whose most dreams were to live in peace and overcome differences, to have a job, falling in love, playing football …etc. These are some of the many dreams that reached the page, we are more similar from the inside than we imagine, and the most beautiful is the support and love that the page’s audience gave to every young man and woman who sent his/her dream without paying attention to their hometown, religious background or appearance, This was one of the goals that we hoped to achieve through this page.



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