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Facebook is one of the initiatives carried out by the team this year in Baghdad. This idea came in the wake of campaigns of violence and slander that spread on Facebook, which claimed the lives of an innocent person who did not commit any sin except that he was diffirent, and other campaigns of defamation and rumors whose purpose is mostly to attract attention, we collected many names of personalities and pages on Facebook that we saw as a better alternatve to the Iraqi Facebook user than the pages that promote violence and hatred. These names included many writers, artists, poets and bloggers known for their impartiality and awareness of dealing with various issues, as well as pages of cinema, music and art.. Etc. We have provided a brief about them or a quote from what is published on their pages and printed them on paper and distributed them for free at the Baghdad Dar al-Salaam Festival, our desire is to turn the toxic Iraqi Facebook space into a healthy virtual environment away from violence and speeches that incite hatred.



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