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Due to the team’s desire to spread the culture of reading, especially among young people who are not interested in reading books, the idea of ​​a blind date with a book was to wrap the book and put a quote from the book without knowing its title, to make the idea of ​​buying an exciting and unconventional book for a non-readers an adventure, the team participated in this event In several festivals, including the Baghdad Dar Al-Salaam Festival, which is held every year on the International Day of Peace at Abu Nawas Gardens and in Al-Rawwan Street in Najaf. We also presented this idea in several colleges in Baghdad and Najaf, and it received large praise and wonderful reactions by young people. The titles varied between philosophy , novels, science, and poetry, and many readers and non-readers have found that the idea of ​​falling in love with a book from a quote without knowing the title or author is really exciting!



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