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the political awareness club held a dialogue session at Moja organization entitled”possibility of dissolving the Parliament under the Iraqi constitution 2022/9/5″ and the dialogue session entertained Dr.Haider al-wazan، Professor of Constitutional Law. and Dr.Mohammad al-abdali، Professor, Faculty of Law. a number of journalists, civil activists, and those concerned with politics attended.
Several recommendations came out of this dialogue session, the most important being the following:
1- legislation of the law of the Federal Court, as laid down in article (92) from the Constitution of Iraq, or amend the current legislation No(30) for the year 2005.
2- interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution relying on systematic interpretation literal for the legal provision.
3- Development of penal procedure in case of any abuse or breach from the House of Assembly in constitution timings.
4_ address the political stalemate by seating the political parties at a table of dialogue without preconditions from any parties.
5- revocation of the federal court its previous resolutions regarding:
a- requirement the two-thirds majority in the election of the President of the Republic.
b- identifying parliamentary groups that are most numerous, because article 76 is identifying concise which makes the interpretations multiple.

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