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A number of Iraqi activists started a social media campaign that was titled “#A_Massage_To_Mosul” the hashtag went viral on the Iraqi social media platforms, it was used to show solidarity with the people of Mosul which were trapped in the city at the time under the rule of ISIS.

The hashtag inspired us to contact the War and Peace institute and the peace committee of Iraq to create an idea that can be very influential and effective in the Iraqi political and social scene.

The idea was to gather hand written messages written by the people of Iraq and ship it to the trapped citizens in Mosul, the idea was welcomed by the war and peace institute and they green lit the project and decided to spencer it and start to coordinate with the other branches in the cities of Iraq. The shipping is to be done by dropping it on the city by plane.

The focus of the movement was the city of Najaf and in the span of two days two thousands envelope was collected and was then sent to Baghdad for shipment. The letters were gathered with the other letters from the other cities and then copied 4 million times then after they were sent to the Iraqi air force for them to be dropped on the city by planes.

Pictures from Najaf and Kufa


Kufa University and Ibn Hayyan University


Al-Jawahiri Street, Al-Kufa Corniche and Najaf Doctors



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