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Moja in association with the Switzerland embassy in Jordan held the cinema club in Najaf which was held six times already.

The idea is that a film is shown to the audience and when it is over the moderator of the club opens up the space for the audience to comment on the film and try to explain the purpose that the film makers wanted to reach and the core idea of the film.

The film that was shown was Zootopia.



The second session was about the history of Iranian cinema and its impact on world cinema. The session was presented by Dr. Mustafa Al-Shawky, and three Iranian short films were shown.



The third session, in which we hosted the great Iraqi actor and director, Miqdad Abd al-Ridha, who dazzled the audience with a film by Polish director Keszlovsky, “A short film about love,” which was followed by a free dialogue about the film and its philosophy with the attendees.



The fourth session was moderated by colleague Nashwa Ali, in which she presented the Iranian film “Girls Don’t Scream” and conducted a lengthy dialogue about the film that the attendees interacted with.



The fifth film was “Ali’s wedding”, the Australian film that talks about the life story of an Iraqi expatriate family and the love that occurred between their son Ali and a Lebanese girl. The film combines comedy with the distinct moral messages presented by the film.

Presentation and discussion by colleague Kawthar Ajwad



The sixth show, moderated by colleague Yasser Makki, in which he presented the documentary “The Elegy of the American Dream” in which American thinker Noam Jomsky talks about the transformation that accompanied the American renaissance and its break after the corporate control of American politics.



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